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    Bar/stem setup for rigid specific?

    havent settled on a frame yet, but regardless i'll be building a 29er or 29+ rigid, and want to get some thoughts on a bar/stem setup.
    I ride with a pretty centered-forward riding position, so im looking for a bar/stem that wont weight the front too much, and make it easy to unweight and pop the front end up. being able to keep the front light going through pretty rocky terrain at speed is a big priority.
    im pretty set on going with a short stem, probably 50-60, but maybe even shorter, 35-40. I've always been a big fan of how a short stem and wide bar handles, never could feel comfortable with long stems and narrow bars.

    should i be looking for a pretty high rise bar? i dont like bars with big backsweep, ive had in the 3-10 degree range and liked that.

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    Do you ride suspension now and are going rigid? Fit is so personal its tough to really make recommendations. I simply try to keep the bar height close when switching between a rigid and suspension fork. End up just flipping the stem and it works pretty well for me.

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    As rob1035 pointed out fit is very personal. Some riders like the shorter bike paired with a longer stem while others like the longer bike paired with the shorter stem. In addition different riders have preferences for bar height.

    For the handlebar, you need (or don't need) rise depending on the height where you want the grips. Rise can be created using the bar, stem angle, and/or spacers under the stem. Total spacer stack size should be less then 40mm (as per recommendation from fork mfgs like ENVE). You also should have no more then 5mm of spacer above the stem. The result is that you need bar rise if based on your frame design and your riding position. Bar position starts with head tube length, beyond that it is adjusted with stem angle and rise. Spacers under the stem is for the final 20mm of tuning the setup.

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    being able to "easily unweight the front and pop it up" also comes from chain stay length. make sure you keep that in mind when choosing a frame.
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    It's hard to make any recommendations without knowing a bunch more information. First you have to decide what frame and fork you will be using, and go from there.

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    One advantage of getting a bar with a bit of rise in it is, you get a surprising amount of variance in riding position by rotating the bar a bit. A bit of sweep amplifies this effect. My last bar was only 15mm rise which was plenty, considering all the other adjustments (flipping the bar or stem, moving spacers around). Maybe the thing is to get a riser bar for cheap on ebay, mess around with it some, and then you'll know.

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