anyone use 'new' surly hubs?-
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    anyone use 'new' surly hubs?

    I'm buying a new wheel set soon (or at least a rear one) to replace my old spacer and bmx cog conversion and I was wondering how people find the new surly hubs... anyone wan't to guess the weight?

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    Got one. Does the job fine and dandy. It's not light, but it's not slowing me down either. As KB said: Light, strong, cheap. Pick two.

    Surly had some 135mm fixed/free for a reduced price. That's the one I'd order anyway, for maximum fun. Details at the surly blog
    Tuesday, March 16, 2004
    A while ago, Andy and/or Nick mentioned that we got a weird shipment of rear 135mm-spaced 36-hole fixed/freewheel hubs in silver (Part #HU0225). We still have 20-25 of them, if anybody is interested. They are priced at 75% of our other non-disc rear hubs, because they aren't in a they are harder to sell.
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    theyre probably fine but...

    have a look around the recent archives of the surly blog and it seems like they are having alot of people having problems with their hubs. they suggest its an adjustment thing, or lack there of. probably is. Then click on the link in the latest (as of mon. nite) surlyblog entry to the journal of the guy down in mexico. he's waiting for parts down there. because....his surly hub blew up. maybe its nothing. I dont know. Ive owned one surly hub, I had zero problems with it. it just looks like theres a pattern.

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    no problems here

    wifey, her ridin' bud (or is that bud-ette?), and i are all rolling on wheels i built around surly new hubs. only thing i did was swap the front bolt-on axles for qr axles just to facilitate roof racking the machines. no hub issues at all on any of our bikes.


    ps: they're not exactly light, but the hubs are bombproof. nice wide flange spacing too so they build up really strong wheels.
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    I used a rear hub for 8 months fixxed winter commuting now , no probs until now..

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