Anyone here ridden a Jones yet?-
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    Anyone here ridden a Jones yet?

    I just got off the phone with Jeff Jones. He's a really cool, very enthusiastic person with a huge amount of knowledge. My question is, do any of you have experience with his frames? I'm pretty well sold on his design philosophy, and I got a really good "vibe" talking to him.
    Pros? He really seems to know about designing a frame around the rider, he'll happily build a 29" ss, and his design maximizes lateral stiffness while minimizing vertical stiffness.
    Cons? His lead time is a year. His frames are pricy (~$4k for frame, truss fork, h-bar.) It's kind of an unknown quantity.

    So what do you guys think? Since the wait is so long, I should be able to save up for it. Am I insane for even considering spending this much money on a bike? And wait a year for it?

    the los
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    Good job! not yet...

    ...but I'd do it.

    I think his frames, forks and bars are pure art. Jones is pretty much the top of my list of *fantasy* bikes. Vanilla is a another beautiful, expensive frame that, last I heard, is also a year out.

    you've got other bikes to ride in the meantime, so if it's really what you want, go get it! (don't forget the NYC chain lock).


    PS - this recommendation is good for one free test ride

    Quote Originally Posted by sslos
    Am I insane for even considering spending this much money on a bike? And wait a year for it?

    the los

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    Go for it

    But please wait until after August to order yours.
    I have his H bars on my PISSOFF and they are fantastic. I have been talking to Jeff lately and am going to order a 29" SS, fork and bar at the end of August.
    You might want to order a set of his bars to tide you over.

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    methinks you have ALREADY decided, eh?

    I had Jeff stay at my house for two days during the Harmonic ConvergenSS. He is VERY knowlegeable and perhaps a bit opinionated...or was that me
    Anyways, don't sweat the lead time, except that you would of course rather be riding your new bike. Jeff puts a tremendous amount of time in each frame so of course his production rate is slower than we would want.
    So what is keeping you from getting your order in now???
    btw, DO get a Jones H-bar NOW and longer thomson 4-bolt stem.

    Then come on up and play on some harmony trails!

    bike ON

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    For about 5 minutes at last years Ridefest. It's a unique bike, I rode his personal bike and it's setup to be very easy to do trials and hops on, it's quick, light and totally cool looking. The Angle of the H bars didn't quite feel right to me but I'm sure he can make them at any angle.

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    Might be the # 1or # 2 bike on most of our dream lists....

    I would not hestitate to order one. I met Jeff at the Velo Swap last year. He had his 3D space frame bike there and I think it was the most beautiful bike at the show. Really classy and creative.

    I had my name on his list for a frame at one time, but like a fool, I backed out. I am torn about calling him back up and getting back on the list. He probably thinks I am a dope, he is probably right....

    Hollywood is correct about the wait time. Same with Vanilla, One year. I just noticed the check was written for a deposit on a Vanilla, but never sent in. Looks like I lost his mailing address also, so if anybody has that address I could use it..... otherwise I will call Sasha back up and confirm what I dope I really am. Getting old is tuff.....I can only imagine what it must feel like to be Hollywood (40 ) and all that.....

    Life is short, order the flippin frame and be in agony for the next year. Before you know it , the phone will ring and Jeff will be calling and telling you it is done. Put up a picture of the frame on your wall as a reminder. I have that 3D spaceframe picture on my cube-i-hell at work as a reminder that some day I will own one. I also have a poster of Lance.... but that is only a pipedream for me....I am probably old enough to be his dad....

    Thanks to all of you for your friendships on this board..... -

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    Anyone care to give a mini-review on the H-bars? I know Shiggy said he liked them for climbing but not for descending. I'm really getting tired of my flat bar, and I'm thinking about trying something new. Granted I probably should find a job before purchasing a 160 dollar handlebar but that's another story...

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    hispanic mechanic
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    Thanks for the input, everyone!

    Yeah, I'm pretty well decided. It's just an awful lot of money. Right now I'm a student again, and only working part-time at a shop. Maybe as soon as I get to do some professional massage, the scheckels will start rollin' in.
    Oh, and H-wood... I've already got the NY Chain. I used to be a messenger, remember?
    Everybody keep your fingers crossed for me. This is gonna be tough.

    the los
    Whiskey is my yoga.

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    Did you ever do that test ride?


    Did you ever ride a Jones? I am really thinking about ordering one. I have the H-Bars and now I feel like I need the whole experience (SS, 29er, Rigid of course). I mihgt actually go for a test ride next week as I will be in Oregon (albeit Portland!)


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    Great Bars

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom
    Anyone care to give a mini-review on the H-bars? .
    Look around on both this forum and the 29er forum and you'll see lots of reveiws. I've had them for about a month and have nothing but good to say about them. I've been on a "handlebar quest" for years now and I think my searching is over.

    The only drawback is the price, but that quickly becomes a thing of the past.

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