Anyone have a VULTURE TI frame?-
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    New question here. Anyone have a VULTURE TI frame?

    I just noticed on their website that they build ti frames. Just curious if anyone has one or information on them, a picture would be awesome if possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiSS'er
    I just noticed on their website that they build ti frames. Just curious if anyone has one or information on them, a picture would be awesome if possible?
    None exist as of this moment. I talked with Wade about owning ti Vulture #1, even went so far as to ask him to start on it as soon as he acquired the last of the ti frame building items he needed. That was a couple months ago. But then my money got tight and I realized that thirteen bikes aren't really any better than twelve... especially when my steel Vulture is everything I've ever wanted in a SS.

    But if I lacked a Vulture... I'd get one. And yeah, I'd make it a ti one.

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    there is one actually

    I built a ti frame last year at UBI. I gave it to my ex wife the day I found out she was going to be my ex wife, bummer. Anyway, Im building another one right now, I got enought dough to get a tube set and the tools I needed to build it. I expect to finish the frame early july then you can see some pics. I really like working with Ti, I have been building some uni frames for my friend at Dirt Uni lately. When Im done with those projects, I will get my bike frame done. Also we hired a dude to dial in the website so finally that will be worth looking at.
    Cheers, Wade

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    Hey Wade
    This is good to hear.
    FYI my Vulture 29er now holds the title of the longest lasting ss I've ever owned.
    Bianchi SiSS=3 weeks then cracked
    1x1=4 months then cracked
    Vulture=9 months and still going strong!

    Just got back from another ride aboard it and had a blast. Thanks for the good work.

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