Anyone ever try a SS fatbike?-
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    Anyone ever try a SS fatbike?

    I asked this in the fatbike forum too but was wondering if anyone has ever setup a fatbike singlespeed. I wonder what it be like riding one in the snow. If anyone has ever set one up can you share you're experience and what gear ratio etc you've used.

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    I just traded my pugsley frame for a 907 frame with a fellow forum member. He indicated that he'd be riding the pug SS. I wonder how thats coming along....

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    I have mine (907) set up as either SS or a Rohloff hub. SS is great for beach riding but I go to the Rohloff for snow.

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    I'm off to the SSUK this week. There will probably be at least 20 fatbikes there.
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    It's the only way I ride mine. Mine hasn't seen snow yet, but in a few months it will!
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    Converted my Specialized Fatboy to SS with an EBB. Pretty fun bike, I miss it.

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    SS fat bikes SSuck............ that's why I've had 4 of them.

    And roll this one as my only steed.
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    Not quite SS, but Dinglespeed. I've been riding my Pugsley as a Dinglespeed bike for about 8 months.

    I used it as a 29+ bike on a tour of Iceland (~30 days of loaded touring) and on that tour, I only used the "small" gear ratio once, so it's pretty much singlespeed for me now. I never use the small ratio anymore, I just hammer on hills.

    I haven't taken off the second cog and chainring because it's a nice backup if I bend a chainring on a long ride, and it will be nice when it snows again.

    Even though it's August, I just put the fat tires back on. Currently running a Husker Du in the back for not-miserable performance on pavement (this is my daily driver) and dirt, with a big chunky Van Helga up front for grip when cornering in rough, soft stuff. This will probably be my combo for the winter, unless I spin out in the back too much.

    I didn't expect to like fatbikes, but I have found I love my Pugsley, and I ride it everywhere over my other, more practical bikes. It's just a great time! Singlespeed makes it even more fun, and totally bomb-proof for touring and exploring.

    Good stuff!
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    Awesome pic, and inspiring. What was the gearing for your Iceland tour?

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    Not exactly a fatbike but rather a 29+, but I have been strongly considering something like the Niner Ros 9+ as a single speed bike. I could see it being a fun bike for single track and if I ever decided to take it bike camping I could easily set it up for it.

    I have a friend who is running a Trek Stache 29+ as single speed and he loves it. The extra grip really seems to help on those steep and loose climbs.

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