Anybody convert a Sugar to a SS?-
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    Anybody convert a Sugar to a SS?

    I was on my Sugar last night and noticed how light it is compared to my Id. I was training and doing some hill work. When I ride that, I rarely change gears. Most of the time I'm middle front and 3 or 4 in back.

    My questions is, has anybody gonverted a Sugar to a SS? What would I need to do to convert it? I'm really excited about the prospect of a SS but can't shell out any cash for a new frame.

    Thanks for the help!
    Why would I need more than one gear?
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    I know there are some issue with converting a FS to a SS, so maybe somebody with some more background can comment on the specifics. But you basically have all you need right now. Try running the current derailleur as a tensioner, take off the big and small ring (get some BXM bolts to bolt the middle to the cranks), and get a rear cog (or break down the one you have, if it's a Shimano) and some spacers and space out the rear cog so its aligned with the middle ring. Then shorten the chain and you're done. The the quick and dirty way.

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    I'll have to agree with Zap on this one

    Pick a gear and quit shifting,You my friend are singe speeding now.

    Wait until you can get a hardtail,the sugar will make a lousy Singlespeed.
    Not to rain on your parade but you asked.
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    true SS on a FS

    Quote Originally Posted by KgB
    Pick a gear and quit shifting,You my friend are singe speeding now.

    Wait until you can get a hardtail,the sugar will make a lousy Singlespeed.
    Not to rain on your parade but you asked.
    I think that the only way to SS on a FS would be to use a bike that's a URT (unified rear triangle) like a Trek Y bike...the Sugar sure is nice, and I rode one at the 24 hr. race @ Laguna Seca a couple of years ago. But even using a surly style tensioner would suck...You'd be better off using an old dirrelieur (sp?) and setting it so that it remains positioned in alignment of your chain.

    Otherwise get a real SS frame and put a Tamer post on it.

    But what I would do is lick a perfectly peeled gnome. It's got to be cooked though, because if you lick a live gnome before peeling, that would be very, very gay.

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    FS convert to SS

    I converted my wife's FS (Trek Fuel) to a single speed. With a FS bike, the chain stay length changes as you hit bumps, so you'll need a little more chain slack if you go SS. If you don't use your rear deraileur as a chain tensioner, you'll need the singulator. The Soulcraft chain tensioner is really only good on a hardtail.

    The problems you may run into is if you don't have enough chain tension with the existing chain rings and cogs, you'll be dropping your chain especially on bumpy decents. To fix that, you may need to go with a non-ramped/pinned chain ring and cog. Soon, you'll be 'nickeled and dimed to death' with a lot of frustration on your training rides. If you can except you will be spending some money to fine tune your SS (and some $ will be a waste) and you can put up with some frustration on you ride, this is a good way to go.

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