Another busted crank-
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    Another busted crank

    I've seen a few of these posted here. This one lasted about 5 years so I think I got my $$$ worth.

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    you're an animal!
    I have the same cranks, but i think they still have some years in them yet.
    hope you didnt hurt yourself when the broke.
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    you wouldnt think that it would brake there... i hope mine doesnt do that..


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    I'm no animal

    Just overfed !

    Luckily no crashes related to the snapping crank arm. It broke J.R.A. up a small hill. Need to get in the habit of inspecting my parts for cracks on a regular basis.

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    Mine snapped...

    in the exact same spot, mine were a lil over two years old. Mine were black too, maybe it's the black that's the defect... I'm kidding I'm kidding.

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    That's Just Frightening

    I guess the theory of the granny gear chainring bolts saving these old turbines from failing does not apply here. Race Face was pretty stand up about warrantying the set I busted the spider on.......a little slow on the turn around IMHO, and they couldn't give me the same color (silver). I'm running the White Industries Eno Cranks now and they seem to work just fine. I worry'd that I'll have a hassle getting replacement chainrings a few seasons from now.

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    drag. Maybe its the pic, but the dark discoloration make me think it was cracked for some time before failing. I guess RF is right when they say to inspect your parts periodically.

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