Another 29er "What Bike?" Jabber or Unit-
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    Another 29er "What Bike?" Jabber or Unit

    Some may be tired of reading these "what bike" threads, but I've been reading the archived ones for a good bit of time. So here's the pitch:

    I've been looking and looking, mostly through this website, and I think I've at least slightly narrowed it to a few different routes. I know I want a steel hardtail, and I want to start with a rigid bike, suspension is an easy upgrade for the future (so obviously suspension corrected). I know I don't want an EBB, and I'm never going to run anything other than disc brakes. While I just sold my FS 26er I don't have the budget for anything custom. Below are the two bikes at the top of my list, and the things I'm thinking, but other opinions are welcome.

    The Kona Unit: As far as tensioning systems go, the sliding dropout has the least amount of complaints associated with it. Easy tire changes, no creaking, no disc brake alignment issues. This is the least expensive option with sliding drops. I know the Monocog flight is extremely similar, but costs $100 dollars more (850 vs 950) here. The simple fact that the parts on both bikes are there because they fit the price point, not because of their inherent quality, makes the less expensive bike more appealing to me. Then again the Monocog gets a lot of glowing endorsments. Anyway I thought I had nailed it down with the Kona, but the more I read, the more I heard about...

    The Vassago Jabberwocky: This bike needs no intro here, and I have no doubt what the majority of the people are going to suggest. The more I read through the forum, the more I read about the Jabberwocky. Initially I wanted sliding dropouts 100%, but more and more I realized that's not exactly the only feature I should be basing my next bike choices on. I'm going through the process of swapping components out on my road bike to tweak it the way I want right now, so the aspect of going through and picking out every part I want for the bike sounds like a blast. Also I think it would be fun to build the bike up from the frame. I'm sure the thrifty could build the frame at a similar price point to the Kona, if I'm honest with myself I know this will end up being the more expensive option, although I also know the quality will match the extra I put in. The cons are the time associated with ordering up the various parts, vs ordering one bike, and the fact that there's no way for me to test ride one in Alaska.

    So that's that, I'd love to hear anyone and everyone's thoughs and opinions on which frame is the bee's knees, and how I'm a fool for not considering whatever other brand. Thanks in advance!

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    I'd be willing to bet you wouldn't regret getting the jabber. I'd also be willing to bet if you did regret it you could sell it for almost as much if not as much as you paid for it.

    I love mine. No cons whatsoever from me.

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