Alternate Clips and Flats-
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    Alternate Clips and Flats

    Was wondering if anyone has switched back and forth between clip pedals and flat pedals. I do have rotten feet, flat, pronating duck feet. I am wondering if running flats some would help develop more foot strength, with the result of better foot, ankle, calf function. Only run clipped pedals as of now. Interested to see if folks think it's worth the trouble.

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    I use both, the one single speed I have set up with platform pedals for rail trail rides with the wife, the other single speed I use spd pedals and just bought a pair of carbon shoes to help with foot discomfort which I felt from a noncarbon shoe, feet feel good now .

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    I only use flats on the fatty in winter. Normally, if I'm not clipped in , my foot always feels that it's in the wrong spot.

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    i wouldn't want to use flats for SS on my local trails. steep, tight, technical trails. i need to pull up as much as i push down on pedals.

    if it were more of a flat ride, gravel ride, or even a road ride i could maybe see using flats? not sure how much that's going to strengthen your leg/ankle muscles though?

    do you already own flats? it only takes 90 seconds to swap them, give it a shot and see what you think.
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    I developed some knee pain a couple years ago. A friend of mine who is a cycling coach mentioned it might be because I'd started pedaling incorrectly on clipless since I'd been riding them for 15 years. He recommended I try flats for a few rides, then alternate some, and see what happened. Sure enough, the pain went away - I put flats on my geared bike, and clipless on my SS because I knew the SS would benefit more from being able to pull up. What ended up happening was I was having so much fun on flats, I got another set to try on my SS. I had to relearn a few things, but it made me a better/stronger rider than I was, and I'm having more fun.

    I don't know if it would help your feet or not. But you might have more fun.

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