All I want is an XTR spiderless ring!!!-
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    All I want is an XTR spiderless ring!!!

    Is that too much to ask?

    First Jericho is M.I.A. Now I am having a hard time tracking down the SPOT version. Apparently they are not/ or have not been making these either. Whats up with the flakiness of single speed parts manufacturers?

    Does anybody know of a mail order joint that has one of the XTR spiderless chainrings in stock?

    I guess I might have to get the Boone ring since it seems that they are the only game in down. Although pricey and untested for long term durablity.

    I hope to have my SS built up for my first SS race this weekend. All I need is a freaking chain ring! But things are not looking too promising.

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    maybe, possibly

    for some months Nashbar has been touting what they call a "Ritchey 33t chainring" for "2x9" or singlespeed use, that they claim fits "Ritchey cranks." Which makes no sense, since 33t would be too big for a double-crank's small ring (Ritchey did made 28. 29 and 30t rings for that purpose) and too small for a big ring. What they actually have is a 33t loose rear cog intended for conversion to Ritchey's 2x9 system. I've personally called and spoken to their tech support idiots three times to get them to correct their product description, to no avail. I bought two of those cogs when they were first listed, so I'm positive what they really are.
    But here's the thing: Their tech support idiots seem pretty insistent that the cogs were purchased by Nashbar for use on spiderless "Ritchey" cranks. Now I'm pretty durned sure Ritchey never ever made a spline-type crankset. Not having any splined XTR stuf around here, I can't check to determine whether those cogs will actually fit an XTR crank. You would probably know. Is the crank's spline pattern the same as a shitmano freehub's? If so, there you go, if you want a 33t. If not, well, makes Nashbar look even more stupid. Good thing they got good blowout sales....

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    Schnapmaster tried it. You shouldn't:

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    Gravy wheels

    in San Anselmo has a few ( jericho suffering) in stock. They are not money order but I bet they would ship you one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Berryman
    I guess I might have to get the Boone ring since it seems that they are the only game in down. Although pricey and untested for long term durablity.
    I think that given the durability of their regular chainrings, these should last a lot longer than either a Spot or Jericho ring.
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    The ultimate in Spiderless Rings is the new Boone Splined ring

    This is for a 2002 XTR

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    You can remove the spider on the older XTR cranks (hollow tech/octilink). You need a Shimano UN-96 bottom bracket tool. Simple remove the splined lock ring and the spider comes off. A spiderless chain ring fits right on and replace the lock ring. Webcyclery sells the Spot Ring for aroung $90. You might find on on Ebay.

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    I talked to Ogle today! (Jericho)

    He's there and I think he has them in stock.


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