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    24NTOP ~VIDEO~ and RR (Passion Xpost)

    The 24hr in the Old Pueblo was a blast! I had thrown my legs over a singlespeed for the first time just a couple of weeks before the race. I was pretty sure I could put in a couple of good laps for the SCUMBAGS SS team but I was a little concerned about recovering between laps as I always felt a quite a bit more thrashed after the training rides on the singlespeed. Out at the race I loved the wonderful speed at which you are forced to climb even though it often comes with a healthy dose of pain, particularly on the b!tches. The cactus trail (first singletrack) was where the singlespeed really shined. It was a gradual climb and there were only a few turns that required any substantial loss of momentum so I could keep up a good cadence. However the new singletrack was a different matter. It really beat me up, as it was bumpy and tight requiring a little more use of the brakes than I wanted. This is were I came to loath my brakes as every time I squeezed them it meant additional pain in my quads and lower back was just seconds away when I had to regain some speed. By the third lap on the new section of singletrack my lower back was on fire and I lusted for the smooth plush ride of my Spider back at home. The final climb was actually not bad on the singlespeed at all. I was pretty whooped by the top of it last year on the geared bike and I was pretty whooped this year too, but I got to the top quite a bit quicker. Lap for lap I was a couple of minutes faster on the SS than I was on the geared bike last year even though I donít feel in any better shape than last year. I squeezed out 5 laps and I felt totally humbled by the laps you kick a$$ solo folks did. The bottom line is I think the SS thing is hella lots-o-fun and I am going to keep giving the legs some SS luvin, but I have no plans on chunking the Spider.
    I had toyed around with the idea of racing a lap or two with the camera gear on but after my first lap I decided the hell with that. I had also planned and catching some footage of people in the transition area, but after the first lap I found myself just eating or resting between laps. Of well, here is the <a href="http://www.mountainbikebill.com/videos/24NTOP-Web.mpg">video</a> of 99% pre ride and 1% race at the Old Pueblo.

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    looks good

    Nice edit job too.Makes me wish I raced.
    I've been inside too long.

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    Hey MB Bill..

    I could see your shadow of your camera mount in the video. How do you attatch the camera to your helmet? Do you have any pics of it? My buddy just bought a new camera and we are now trying to figure out a safe and secure method to attach it. Does anyone else have any methods or suggestions?

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    He has "how-to" on his site. Also check out Pete Fagerlin I think he has the same.

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