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    24 HourSS in the Ol' Puddle

    It was a VERY wet weekend. We completed 15 laps with a couple hour break in the middle of the night for hunkering down in our tent. Eric and Tammy rode 5 laps, Joel rode 3 laps, and I got in 2 laps before my back flared up again (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).

    Sunday morning dawned clearer and turned into a beautiful day and the two kids then fought over who got to do the next lap. They were so eager to ride. Really.

    Tammy did the last night lap during a clear skies section and she returned to the tent gushing about the "stars were out" and it was a "fun fast rided" soooo "WHO's NEXT?". To the delight of all the campers around us she said it loud enough for all to hear, and then went thru our names, one by one as we all said "NO". Of course it had started raining again and we were not heading out till daylight. Joel's Avid brakes wore out in two laps, matter of fact, the on site bike shop sold out of 250 pair of Avid mech disc brake pads by midnight. My Hope Mini's almost completely wore out in my two laps. They woulda been fine for the morning laps as it was drying out, but I was done anyways. Many people on the course walked any downhill sections because they had no brakes. Eric ran ceramic rims and fresh V-brake pads and wore his pads almost down to the wear bars by his fifth lap. Gearies were having severe problems with their drivetrains.

    The Old Pueblo is a very fun course, just busy enough to keep your attention, especially when going fast, and you just want to go fast on it. The Expo area was pretty nice as long as you could get under the tents. I said "Hi" to Josh Ogle at the Jericho tent, don't think he remembered me from Barbie Camp tho

    We came to Arizona for some dry riding and so left almost all of our cold wet weather gear at home, in Washington/Oregon.
    So we got wet and had to put cold wet muddy clothes on time after time.

    We had a great time tho and met lots of neat people.

    Now, time to drive home, try to bypass the LA floods and see the Giant Sequoias . !!

    bike ON

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    excuse me....

    but you got a little something on your face.

    Anyone know who took 1st for SS Solo?

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    It was good meeting you out there

    and if you'd brought all your mud-riding gear you would have been set!

    Anyhow, I guess maybe we'll see you next year (or earlier if I make it to the Barbie camp).

    By the way, the flash floods really weren't all that bad- the biggest water crossing was no more than 25-30 feet across, and only a little over a foot deep.

    It's 7:09 California time

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    Geez.. at least it stopped raining before the race 2 years ago..

    It was interesting watching the mini-flood going through the wash where our camp was setup though.

    This is just further proof that NorthWetters just can't take winter vacations to get away from the rain it follows us everywhere.

    Next Up Harmonic Divergence.

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    Scott Sportsman did 16 laps to win the SS solo catagory. he was a machine. he was up by two laps and went out to do another one at 11:30 anyway.
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    I was pathetic

    Quote Originally Posted by little b
    Scott Sportsman did 16 laps to win the SS solo catagory. he was a machine. he was up by two laps and went out to do another one at 11:30 anyway.
    Pretty much a similar story line for me, little b. Four laps in and when I went to change clothes in the tent - must figure out an easy up or something next time - I started to shiver. I wimped out all night long. Pathetic but true. Two laps in the morning for a total of only six.

    Note to self - ear plugs and eye shades next time so you can get some decent sleep. Going to bed at a decent hour on Friday night (10pm) and not falling completely to sleep until 2am really sucked. Up at 7am for a total of maybe 5 hrs. Next night the same damn thing. In the sleeping bag at 8pm ... fell completely asleep somewhere around 2am. Up at 7am again. That sucked even worse than the rain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon
    ...Next Up Harmonic Divergence.
    Hormonal Exuberance.

    Everyone I know is coming.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparticus
    Hormonal Exuberance.

    Everyone I know is coming.

    Is that event really only three weeks away? Jeez.

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    Another reason SS'ers kick A$$

    As I checked the message board at epicrides, I noticed a thread about this year's race. There was a real issue with some participants complaining about one thing or another. Some even suggested that the event should have been canceled due to the rain. Whiners. Pack it in and sleep for a while, hope that your competition follows suit. Don't expect the promoter to put the whole thing on hold because you didn't prepare fully for the weather (personal or mechanical), and definitely don't expect him to cancel the event. Everyone here that I have met in person, or online has always seen the bright side of things, maybe it is a SS thang. I had a great time with the QQQQ's (Q jersey singing B double E double R U N, beerrun! through the WooHoo was me!), ending up in the same place as last year (third from last, but top 15!, last year was top 10!). Maybe all of the peeps with problems wouldn't if they would ditch all of the gears, it is just evolution anyways.

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    Look at that!

    Someone from Longview United Single Speed Trailriders rode the fastest lap for an individual on a "4 Person - Single Speed" team (http://www.epicrides.com/results2005/) in 56:02... not bad. I wonder what gear ratio that guy was riding? Oh, yeah, it was 36:18. I bet it was the guy with the On*One and that big, dopey grin!

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