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    2009 SS Mary

    So after checking ebay and craigslist for forever I finally settled on this.

    eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices

    I am pretty excited about getting it. The criteria that I was looking at for a new bike were (in order) my size, 29", SS, rigid, steel, disc brakes, under $500 and slider dropouts. Well, it was just slightly over $500 and has an EBB but everything else is on the money.

    It's 32T ring in the front and it's coming with a 16T cog. He said he would include an 18T cog as well. I still think that is going to be too steep. I may be buying a 20T cog in the near future. It has an Eccentric BB which is the only thing that I am not too crazy about. But from the reviews there was only one complaint about it.

    I like the idea that it's a Haro and thinking that it's just a big bmx bike. FYI, I am 5' 10" and 175#.

    I looked at Redline Monocog, Jabber, Raleigh XXIX, Surly Karate Monkey, and Kona Unit and all looked good, but I couldn't find one at this price.

    So I was just wondering what people had to say about this bike.

    What are the largest tires that you can fit?

    Can I expect to be beaten to hell on this bike without any carbon on it?

    Should I just buy a 20T cog and slap it on, or try the 18T and see how far that gets me? I'm a pretty weak rider when it comes to big hills, which is the main reason I wanted to try SS.

    Any advice/recommendations?

    I can't wait to get it!

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    HTFU... you'll be fine with the 18T.

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    try the 18t for a bit, but it would not hurt to have a 20t around too. i am about to get a 20t for my Karate Monkey. 32t/18 is a bit too steep for me sometimes.

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    It really depends on your terrain (I am in Southern California). I don't like to walk and my 29er is heavy, so I run 32x22t!! It is not fun on the flats, but I can do most of the climbs in my area. Any climbs that take over 30 minutes and I put my 9 speed on!

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    Unless your terrain is rolling hills and fairly flat, I would definitely put on the 20t. Although some might say HTFU and put an 18t on, that's really poor advice for someone starting out. Way better to start spinny and work your way up than have sore knees and prematurely come to the conclusion SS isn't for you.
    I rode a 32x21 in Phx for about 10 months, then switched over to 20t. I ride long stuff typically (> 40 miles) so you have to preserve your legs. Bottom line,had I started with a 18t, I'd probably have went back to gears.

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    I have over 7000 miles on the bike. Kept the fork rigid. Most of those miles were in Arizona, but now I am in MN. So yeah, it was bumpy compared to a suspension fork, but I keep the front pressure around 25psi and have not had pinch flat problems. The largest tire I have used is the WTB Weirwolf. Plenty of space with that in there. I ran it 36 x 20 this summer, but it is rolling to flat in my area. In AZ I had it 32 x 20.

    Enjoy the ride.

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    Cool, I have a 20T cog on order now. My knees are not the strongest and I would rather not get discouraged or blow out my knees. If it is too easy then I will go to the 18T, but I doubt that is going to be the case.

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