It's that time of year again!! SingleSpeed Social!!

*Taking input for scheduling, and as for myself, not sure if I can make it Sat/Sun intil late evening, to hopefully help BBQ.

~I have a good vehicle now, so barring some odd occurance, I am going to try to be there!!

~Charmonger 3000's available, and can be fully fueled.

~Food/Sodas/Etc need to be figured out.

~Figure this all out and we'll see what we can do.

#Remember-this is an unofficial gathering of like minded people,
and is not a sanctioned event.

Be responsible for yourself out there, and represent our community well, "Nekkid" riders aside.

We'll need a spot to locate things for afterwards, so if you've a site, and are cool with it let us know, I can figure out how to get the "Charmonger 3000" there.

**Close friends, if you wanna borrow the Charmonger a bit early pm me, and we'll figure out how best for you to pick it up.

The Obi's..