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    1x drivetrain or whole SS conversion

    I want to get a particular bike for the frame and fit, but it is a 24 speed.

    I've heard you can get the geared bikes and turn them to SS by use of a chain tensioner like the Surly singleator

    are the chain tensioners that go on the dropout hanger really all that good and is the Surly one the best I can get?.

    I like how it says it works with 1/8 3/32 chains because most say they will only do an 8 spd chain.

    would it cost me more to do a whole conversion of the drivetrain?.

    I've heard that if I take the front down to a 1x that I will still need to change other parts as well.

    the bike would be using shimano tourney shifters and the gears on the back are these several smaller cogs with a big black mega range cog.

    Would I be able to save those if I went to 1x?

    Will I need a different chain.

    also can any bike be made 1x. what about road bikes?.

    I really only have seen it on DH and lots of FS bikes.

    I might need a different dropout for 1x from the triple ring crankset.

    but I will need the 1x crank anyway if I ever go for the whole conversion.

    so really the question is if anyone has good experience with the conversion kits I mentioned and if i could save some money at first by just taking the front down to 1x.

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    right now you have 3x8. going to 1x8 is a matter of removing the biggest and the smallest front sprockets, and removing the front shifter, cable, housing and derailleur. so long as you are strong enough to use your current middle front sprocket all the time, this is all you do. if you aren't strong enough, or its just not a good gear for your area (lets say its a 34 but you want a 30 or whatever the specifics would be) then most cranksets you can replace that middle sprocket with something else. no new chain is required, but i would shorten the one you have for this.

    if you go single speed, its the same deal for the front as going to 1x8, its just a matter of then removing the rear shifter, cable, housing, derailleur and cassette. you then install a single speed sprocket and the spacers. very simple to do. i would suggest a new chain, and also to replace the front sprocket, even if you want to keep the same size up front.

    for tensioners, either Surly or DMR. I prefer the DMR as its quieter in mud and/or sandy conditions. its also easier to clean.
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    this should anwser all of your questions: MTBR.com Single Speed Forum - Single Speed FAQ

    if it does not, come back with more questions.

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    I see several potential problems coming up here, but before I open my yap, could you post the bike you're interested in so we can be a bunch of jerks and point out what problems you're going to run into and then tell you to buy a bike that is already set up 1x and another that is already set up SS.

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    This is the bike I'm getting.


    Only 400$ at the bike store.

    And this is the kit I want to use and can also get a 1x crank very low price.



    or something like it.

    affordable because it is a one piece crankset, but as with all low priced things, it won't last as long as a regular 1x crank.

    the forte kit is good since it comes with the spacers and choice of sprockets.

    Also it has the best tension of any other chain tensioners I've heard.

    however it needs an 8 spd chain so I will have to replace the chain more often.

    Now a question would be if an 8 speed chain can really handle SS work.

    I think I will still save money by converting the 24 speed bike.

    even though I think that maybe you can get a SS for 600$ or so.

    But most start at 800$ and up.

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    I'm all for upgrading entry level bikes with components that can later be moved to another frame, but with that bike, choices are going to be very limited due to the V brakes and straight steerer-and I think you very likely *will* want to upgrade everything on it if you ride very much.

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    I started typing up this detailed reply with tons of blah blah blah and it comes down to this. If you plan to do any mountain biking with this bike, understand that the fork on that thing is a colossal piece of shite. I mean just terrible. And while well set up V-brakes work as well as cheap mechanical disc brakes, my advice is this.

    Find the lowest end model with hydro's, replaceable rings and a tapered headeset. That way when you blow shite up (not if, but when) you will have an easier time finding replacements of reasonable quality. You can also go 1x easier if that's what you choose to do. Cheap bikes ride like cheap bikes. You hate spending the cash on the front end, but spending it on the back end plus labor to fix shite sucks worse.

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