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    1st day of rehab

    I have been out of commission for 8 1/2 weeks with torn ligaments in my ankle. I saw the doctor yesterday and he said that if I took it easy I wouldn't do more damage. So last night I dropped down to a 42" ring up front on my Swobo roadie and today put in about 9 miles at lunch.

    Has anyone else gone thru a similar injury and how was your rehab?
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    I am broke my ankle 4 months ago
    am having a hell of a time getting the flex back
    its just good to get back on the bike
    cant get clipped out quick enough
    I just fall over lazy dog style

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    I didnt brake a leg area bone but I did break my wrist pretty bad which required surgery. I had to be off the bike for about 6 months minimum. Once I got back it was a lot of road riding and extra protection (big wrist/arm guard). Getting back in the dirt saddle was the hardest, my arm wasnt nearly as strong as it used to be so control had to be learned and strengthen but I eventually came around. And not to sound like a adult talking to a child but if you have a physical therapist do all the damn exercises they give you and then some!
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    Oh man, if your talking a major turned ankle than I have major experience. When I was in Jr High I turned my ankle trying a basketball layup; I tore most the tendons that stabilize the outside of my ankle, in several cases the tendon pulled off pieces of bone. Depending how serious your injury was, I would look into surgery to shorten the tendons. This injury haunted me for the next 20 years. I never had any trouble bike riding, but you may need to rehab for years. You should always start by stretching. Assuming you injured your left ankle, cross you left leg over your right knee so just your foot and and ankle hang over your knee. Now, with your right hand, grab your foot from underneath, with your thumb on your arch and your fingers warp across the top of your foot. Next, grasp your leg, with your right hand just above the ankle from the top so you can hold your leg against your knee. The idea is to gently pull up and turn forward with your right hand. Turn it until you feel resistance or pain and hold for 5-10 seconds and release. Do sets of 8-10 2or 3 times a day, then treat with alternating warm and cold. When all pain subsides, you can start using an elastic band pulling your foot up as you try and push against the band down and forward. Try and find a physical therapist with an ultrasound machine to increase circulation. You should also should use some deep massage in the area of the injury to help break up calcium deposits and loosen scar tissue. Take it slow and tape you ankle for any weight bearing exercise. Just don't rush it and if you feel your ankle go, it will do less damage to go to the ground, rather than try to catch yourself...and of course keep riding. If it is painful to unclip your pedals, go with a platform until you have the strength without pain to unclip. Once the swelling and pain disappears I doubt you will do any damage riding (unless you fall off of course). If you do notice any additional swelling, once again alternate heat and cold.
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    Rehab is for quitters!
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    I have tendonitis in my left calf or soleus or lateral shin (or some of each) from overtraining (trail running and biking on huge hills in the winter...)
    I've been out for a couple months, and recently set up my Fisticuff for one footed riding - every hill is a victory.

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    back issues last fall.
    have recovered the back - but the time off and the holidays put me in a fitness downspiral. still trying to get it (anything) back actually.

    broken ankle (soccer) in hs. cast / etc. 6 weeks or so and i was nimbly walking again. i managed to ride a fitness / trainer bike in the basement after 4 weeks and some cast modification... but the doc didn't like how i cut the top of the cast off - so he thickened the crap out of it... so i couldn't 'trim' it again. i was running then too... took what seemed like forever to get anything back - but then i was 17 or so. much longer healing process at double the age.

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    Great stretching exercise aka, thanks.

    I have put on 14 lbs since the injury. I don't just miss riding, I also miss my feet; I haven't seen them in a couple weeks.

    Rode about ten miles the last couple days. It is a bit depressing to only ride ten miles, on pavement at that, but it feels good to be doing something.
    Sometimes, with a very strenuous effort, I will fatigue.

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