• 09-27-2009
    1979 R20: Modern approach on a vintage folder
    It was 26 years ago since I rode my first bike which was a folding Panasonic singlespeed. That was my all around, do it all bike. My scars proved how I loved riding my bike on and off-road using only the commuter tires it came with.

    This brought up reincarnating this 30-year old Raleigh Twenty. I wanted to bring back old fun memories and convert this fully functional three speed into rideable off-road SS machine. Impossible? no. Challenging? yes. Waste of time and money? not unless you love what you are doing.

    Few of the challenges is to find a correct threaded BB and replace the cotterless cranks. Crank is in perfect condition but I wanted to give a modern taste to it, least of my worries but sits high on my priority if I can.

    At the moment, all the fenders, chainguard and some unwanted crap and reflectors are being removed. I have Holy Rollers ready for some off-roading action and still looking for more knobby tires that can handle loose gravel.

    Here's some of the before shots:

    This project is open for suggestions and hopefully turn out a success.
  • 09-27-2009
    Those are cottered, not cotterless (hence the cotters). Since it's british it should be fine with the standard 68mm BB. I probably wouldn't do much to it beyond restoring it and enjoying it as a cool old bike. You might ruin it and then what?
  • 09-27-2009
    nice project!

    i agree with schmucker, keep this one as an original restoration, that is a cool bike!
  • 09-28-2009

    Originally Posted by fishcreek
    ...Few of the challenges is to find a correct threaded BB and replace the cotterless cranks....

    It probably has the dreaded 68mm, 26tpi BB. I use the old cups and a new spindle with loose ball bearings. The other option is to tap the BB to 24tpi.
  • 05-08-2011
    Another folder
    The bike was kept original, my wife ended up loving it and claimed by her as her own!! Good thing I scored one for my self, in forest green! :thumbsup: Now this one has missing bits and pieces, a perfect candidate to make a "beastly" bike as my wife referred to most of my rides..

  • 05-09-2011
    cleaned up well
    almost done, and have few things in mind..

  • 05-09-2011
    Kinda awesome. What tires are those? What are the gear inches with that set up?
  • 05-10-2011
    Andy R
    That looks more than a little cool :cool: - I'm curious as to how it progresses.....
  • 05-11-2011
    thanks. ratio is 46:15 and stuck in high gear, which is 83 gear inches according to one website. geax poison 1.75 on the front (widest tire that the fork can accommodate) and maxxis maxx daddy 1.85 on rear. we'll see how it progresses too. :)
  • 05-15-2011
    Mini Utility complete
    The beastly mini utility is finally done with some finishing touches on the rear rack, made out of recycled telemark skis. :thumbsup: