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    05 kona explosif. My first SS

    Built it up friday night. Had to do it late so I wouldn't get in trouble by the wife about spending our friday night in the garage.

    Took it out early Saturday morning after 6 hours of sleep to beat the forcasted rain. I got in about 3.5 hours on a pretty technical Austin greenbelt. Finished just as it started to sprinkle.

    I was surprised at how much stuff I was able to ride. I was able to keep up with my buddy riding an ellsworth truth. I thought I'd be pushing much more than I did. Of course I had to work really hard at some of the climbs.

    It took me a while to get used to it. I've been a full sus junkie for about 6 years. This was like riding a wild bronco down the descents. Had to choose my lines wisely. My mistakes seemed to be amplified.

    At the end of the ride I was beat, but I had a blast. I can see myself coming away with finesse and power from the SS.

    I had a lot of trouble getting the brakes lined up right. First of all the front wheel sat in the fork crooked. The fork is a kona p2 disc only. It was about 3mm to one side more than the other. So I grabbed some coarse sandpaper and a screw driver and straightened the dropouts. After that when tightening the ft quick release the disc caliper moves a lil so that the pads weren't in the same plane as the rotor. I guess I'll have to have the tabs faced at the LBS.

    The rear brake tabs also need to be faced because the caliper sits too far over and rubs the side of the rotor. Not sure if it is the frame or rear hub (paul word disc w/qr) that is outta spec.

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    Beautiful Kona. Enjoy the ride.

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    Nice Ride!

    Nice looking ride.

    How do you like the [email protected] Sturdies? Are they the 225's?

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    Nice looking Kona, it will serve you well.

    Is that bare metal or is it gray?

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    didn't I just see this same photo over on mojo? congrats on the new bike.
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    Cool-blue Rhythm Thats a cool

    Lefty Lucy / Righty tighty .

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    Nice bike - looks like it will treat you to MANY nice miles of riding!

    "If I'm leading, I'm bleeding."

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