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    A Winter Workout

    Wharton State Forest, NJ

    I thought there would have been a few more people showing up after my ride got hijacked, but I guess looking out the window and seeing the snow, 30 mile an hour winds, and 25 degrees was a little too much for most people. It doesn't matter, I was going to ride regardless! Dressed up nice and warm, all the gear packed, and the SS loaded on the SUV and off I went on the snow covered roads to Wharton. I made one stop at Dunkin Donuts in Medford to get my pre-ride hot chocolate. Usually I have to wait on line their but flew right through. Atsion was cold and gray when I arrived, but I could see blue sky in the distance.

    I was shortly joined by Dan, Kurt, and Mike. So we head out and quickly decided that the singletrack will be unpassable due to the heavy snow bending the saplings. So, we opt for a doubletrack ride to Batsto Village and back. It's a long ride and even longer trodging through snow. But, the scenery was spectacular!

    The fire road isn't too bad at this point since some 4x4's have made ruts for us to ride in. Every so often we stop to admire mother nature and Kurt proclaims it's like being on LSD. With this look in the next picture and the Target bag hanging out of his helmet, he certainly looks like he's on drugs. More like crack, though. He said the bad was an old motocross trick to keep crap from falling down your kneck.

    I would have to say that Mother Nature did a great job today. The sky was so blue, the trees so green, and the snow... well you know.

    Only a couple of miles in and we have the first problem of the day. Dan's derailleur has frozen in granny gear. Short of pissing on it, there is nothing we can do.

    He continues on spinning ferociously until Mike finally get's it working again only to find out that Dan now has a flat. Knowing his day is cursed, hge turns around and heads back before the Jersey Devil gets him.

    Onward we go, albeit slowly. It's bot a race today anyway and the steady grind courtesy of the snow makes a great workout.

    We make it to Quaker Bridge and the Mullica River flowing coldly beneath it. So peaceful!

    We then turn onto some doubletrack. It looks like one lone 4x4 tried to get through, but judging from all the bent branches it'll be one scratched up truck.

    Soon we get to a point where there is a tree across the trail and the 4x4 tracks have doubled back. We climb over and continue on with only about a mile to get to the village.

    We reach Batsto Village ([IMG]https://www.batstovillage.org) and stop in the visitor center to warm up, hit the bathroom, and chat it up with the friendly old ladies working in the gift shop. It must be a very slow day for them, but they love to volunteer and talk about the village and trails. They point out a trail for us to take so we can have sort of a loop back to Atsion. We walk (out of respect for their rules) through the village to the trail and take some photos on the way.

    This is the saw mill that is still working and powered by water.

    The water comes from the Batsto lake dam.

    A few of the village residences from when it was a working factory town in the early 1800's.

    Ah, finally some singletrack. There are some footprints to start with but that changes shortly in.

    Let know one tell you that riding in this stuff is easy. Also, the sand that is beneath the snow has not frozen yet making it even harder.

    We stop for a food break at the Batsto river. One of the three kayakable rivers that run through the forest.

    More fresh marks in the singletrack.

    Even the king of balance, Mike Air Newman walks this bridge.

    More singletrack with deep loose sand underneath. It was a pedal to match any climb!

    We make it to the Batsto River campsite and it looks like some fresh kayak tracks. I'm still trying to gather up enough nerve to kayak in the winter, plus the money for a wet suit just in case.

    We then meet up with Quakerbridge Road again and cruise out to the car in slush.

    Here's the topo, profile, and satellite view of the ride.

    For you Google Earth folks, here's the KML:

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    Thanks for the great pictures....got out today for a run in the woods but left the bike at home....did see some tire tracks (at the tourne) however so someone was brave! Sounds like you guys had a great ride!

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    thanks so much for the great pics and vids, its lighting that fire for me to go ride, which i havent done in some months. i remember i went winter riding alone in ringwood and caught up with another brave soldier and we had a blast. the snow was nice and crunchy which made the ride very fast paced, it really felt like we were skiing. it was so beautiful how everything looked, i wouldve kept riding that day but my feet got dunked in a freezing cold stream and i only had on a pair of vented sidi dominators, brrrrrrrr!!!! keep the vids and pics coming....

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    Looks like it was fun.
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