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    Well, another F100x is LEAKING!!!!

    Boy oh boy, FOX! WTF with your $769 price tags on your shocks and you build them like a $100 fork that belongs on a Wal-Mart bike?

    My F100X has now acheived the same leak that everyone has been experiencing with Fox Forx. The clunking noise is getting worse and now the slight oil residue has increased to oil running down the fork leg!!!! This fork is only 3 MONTHS OLD with less than 300 miles clocked on it. How can Fox get away with charging twice the amount as their competitors for forks that break 5 times faster? Now I will probably have to be out a fork while it is repaired, but it SHOULD be REPLACED no questions asked due to the age of the fork.

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    LBS took bike in, getting tuned for next race and gone over since purchase in April. They're getting in touch with Fox and the tech at the shop was taken by the amount of play in the stanchion, noting something was def. wrong. Will update with outcome.

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    Got the usual response...

    Fox faxed over a fact sheet listing the same reasons for the leakage and 'play' I was experiencing. At least if anything goes wrong, I have documentation from my LBS and Fox that what I am experiencing is 'normal'. The sponge by the fork seal soaks up oil and as the oil transfers on the shock tube, it builds up and eventually will run off the wiper seal. This occurs more if you hang your bike updside down and keep the sponge wet vs. upright where all shock oil hangs at the bottom of the stanchion. They play is included so that wear and tear on the shock tube is reduced. The oil will build up and 'fill' the space lessening the play while the shock is active. I guess I will just have to have the stanchion filled with oil every season to ensure proper amount of oil is in there. Just like a car, if you have a slow leak, eventually oil level drops.

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