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    upgrade to worldcup worthwhile?

    I got a 2009 SID Race, and I really like to the suspension it provide. At the time of purchase I was recommended going with a team or WC model, but opted for a bargain Race model.

    Now I've stumbled on a bargain 2011 WC model, and since I like the Rock Shox so much, I've figured maybe it's worth to get the best of the rock shox performance.

    Do you know whether a Race->WC upgrade will be perceptual, substantial or minor performance wise?
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    I think the only major diff (correct me if I am wrong) is the black box motion control. It has shimmed rebound and dual flow compression damping. I really don't know if you would notice a difference at all. The WC will be a tad lighter and have some carbon fiber bling on it. Up to you really

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    If you ride on fast on rough terrain( lots of rocks and roots) then the upgraded damper will make a noticeable difference. If the trail you ride are mostly smooth or you ride slow through rough sections of the trail you probably would be wasting money.

    You can also just upgrade your dampers for a fraction of the cost of a complete new fork. You can probably do both rebound and compression for around 100 bucks if you do your own wrenching.

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    Thank you for answers, might give damper upgrade a try since the lowers look exactly the same.

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