• 07-05-2006
    Travel increase for my FSR XC
    Goodmorning all,

    Are there any other manufacturers of rear suspension linkage other than BETD? I am looking to increase the travel on my FSR. Thanks for your help.

  • 07-05-2006
    My BETD experience on an 03 Stumpjumper frame
    Maybe not the message you want to hear but I would get a new frame if you want longer travel. Selling the FSR and upgrading to a new frame may not be as expensive as you think. The BETD link or similar will change the leverage ratio. Unless you are 100 pounds you will likely get a lot of suspension "bob" and need to put a lot more air in the rear shock. I am 195 and used to put about 190psi in the rear shock - when I fitted the BETD link I had to put about 280 in there to get correct sag in 5" travel mode but it bobbed like hell. I had also bought a new fork - so I just ended up getting a 5" travel frame and selling the stumpy frame on mtbr classifieds and putting all the parts on the new frame.
  • 07-05-2006
    I agree w/ WILKS
    I have an 03 Stumpy that I purchased the BETD link to increase the travel to 5in. Overall, it was a bad move. It did increase the leverage ration significantly thus making it necessary to increase the air pressure to accomodate the change. This ultimately resulted in damaging my rear shock:madmax: I even contacted P.U.S.H and s/w Darren to see if they could revalve it to handle the increase ratio. He stated that they would not touch it because it was a bad set up.:nono: He did not recommend the linkage change.

    Maybe getting a shock with a slightly longer I2I would help (I doubt it though). So now the frame and dead shock is hanging in my laudry room waiting to be reborn!:rolleyes: So be careful with this move.

    But to answer your question, I know a company named www.risseracing.com used to make them (probably still do). I think there is another, just does not come to mind at this time. GOOD LUCK!;)
  • 07-05-2006
    Yeah, the stock ratio is already around 2.8:1, so the BETD link pushes that over 3:1, which overpowers the shock a bit. For light riders (<150lbs) it might work ok. I find the FSR with an air shock is pretty progressive (meaning mushy initially then ramps up a lot) so increasing the leverage ratio probably magnifies the problem.

    A tunable platform shock could compensate for this, but like was mentioned, you're getting into the price of a new frame then. (link plus shock=$500+)