Tora 289 U-Turn oil leak

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  • 06-14-2009
    Tora 289 U-Turn oil leak
    I have either an 07 or 08 Tora 289 U-Turn OEM (came on an Iron Horse bike I had for a short time). I used a Pike on the Iron Horse so this fork never got installed, but now I want to use it on my hardtail. I was just preparing to replace the spring in it when I noticed oil leaking out of the non-U-Turn leg top cap (on this fork there is no rebound adjustment, just a plastic cap).

    I removed the cap to see if the o-ring was messed up or whatever, but I didn't see any issue. However, the plastic cap seems like it doesn't thread into the leg very well, and this may be causing my leak? Is there a replacement part for this cap (or some other way I can fix this leak myself)?

    When I turned the fork on it's side for the spring change, the oil became a slow but steady drip...