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    Switching over "suspension" fork to rigid on a Scott Sub Cross tekking bike


    I'm looking for some advise on selecting a new fork for my Scott Sub Cross, I don't remember the trim level but it has a squishy Zoom 189 fork with post mounts and tektro 160mm brakes. The wheels are 700c. I've hated this fork since I got the bike and I only use it for putting around with my wife and kids on paved trails. It's a couple years old at least.

    I have been looking on CarbonCycles web site and the fork selector recommends this fork. https://www.carboncycles.cc/index.php?s=0&c=75&p=787 While I'm not apposed to this fork, I was hoping to find something all aluminum I don't really need the weight savings or the price point of carbon all the same an aluminium rigid fork should be half the weight of the factory zoom fork. The geometry on this fork is 42mm rack and 410mm length. Which might be what I need. Another thing I don't like about CC fork is the V brake mounts, they are ugly and I don't need them.

    My zoom fork measurements are approximately (using a level and caliper trying to balance out both) 41mm rack and 455mm length unloaded. I'm 90% sure the steer tube is 1 1/8". So my questions below.

    Would you guys think about that 45mm of compression sounds right with me riding normally?

    Most of the forks I'm seeing are IS brake mounts, are all 160mm adapters the same?

    Has anyone else done something similar and could you recommend something as an alternative?


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    Typically you would ride at 20-25% sag. On a 63mm travel fork, that would mean you would be riding with about 12-16mm of sag, or approximately 440mm Axle to Crown measurement.

    Most any 160mm IS brake mount will do.

    Have you looked at the options available from Surly ( https://surlybikes.com/parts/forks ) and Salsa ( https://salsacycles.com/components/category/forks )?
    They both have several options and often you can find used versions of many of these forks on eBay or Craigslist at good prices.

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    First of all thanks for the move whom ever handled that, I don't know how I missed "shocks and Suspension".

    I had thought about those two, but the Salsa I think will be two tall. Looking at the specs on the Surly I think in theory will work. But the for a steel fork the pricing is high, if I can find a used one I might do that. I'm seeing some hits on ebay, but those things are holding their value better than I would like lol!

    One other question are these length measurements from the top of the crown or the bottom? Depending on design type it looks like it could be either or?

    this might work, but it's no name. However it's a pretty simple part.

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