Suspension - open/close - fast/slow-
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    Suspension - open/close - fast/slow

    Ok, dumb question, but having a hard time grasping this. Need some help.

    When dealing with rebound and lcs (this is specific to my Offering).....

    Turning rebound or lcs clockwise or towards the turtle, we are closing dampening?

    Turning it towards the rabbit or counter clockwise, we are opening?

    When the say add compression, we turn towards the turtle?

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    In layman’s terms.

    + or turtle = Adding rebound or compression damping. Slowing movement.

    - or rabbit = Removing damping. Hastening movement.
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    Think of it like a garden hose.

    Oil in the shock/fork will travel through an orifice or other type of gallery. The more oil that moves the less it will dampen. So in compression, it will be 'open' and super soft. Rebound is open and super fast to return.

    A garden how is a water valve. Open the valve more and more water flows.

    Open the suspension circuit and more oil will flow.

    Turning compression to a rabbit means the rebound is fast (open) and a turtle means rebound will be slowed.

    To determine your baseline...... turn the rebound knob clockwise while counting the number of click. Record this value.

    Turn the rebound knob counterclockwise to fully open. Record this value.

    Now know know how many total clicks of rebound you have available. Your first recording is your current setting of how far open.

    Rebound is opposite of compression.
    Add compression to your fork and it's harder to push the fork through travel.
    Add rebound and it wants to pop up fast because if you have the circuit closed (no oil flow and a turtle) there is no rebound -for argument sake. When you add rebound, open the circuit and let oil flow to the rabbit.

    Extra confused now?

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