Suspension Linkage Kinematics: The Basics of Anti-Squat and Pedal Kickback-
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    Suspension Linkage Kinematics: The Basics of Anti-Squat and Pedal Kickback

    I recently wrote an article on basic suspension kinematics for the website Riding Feels Good, to which I am a contributor. I thought it might be of interest to some of you. I geared this specifically to people who don't really have any understanding of suspension kinematics, or whom might not even know what "kinematics" or "anti-squat" means, so I thought it might be a good introduction for those of you looking to get your feet wet.

    Suspension Linkage Kinematics: The Basics of Anti-Squat and Pedal Kickback | RIDING FEELS GOOD

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    When you accelerate hard in a car, you can feel your weight being thrown towards the back of the vehicle. Obviously this happens exactly the same on a bicycle, though to a lesser degree. This weight transfer happening over and over is what causes pedal bob. The sharp acceleration that comes with each pedal stroke shifts a rider’s weight around repeatedly and causes the suspension to bob up and down in the process. To remedy pedal bob, the bike’s linkage is designed so that the drive force being put through the chain will limit the amount that the suspension can move. The suspension being limited by the drive force of the chain to eliminate pedal bob is what we refer to as “anti-squat”.
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    Pedal kickback and anti-squat are not the same thing.

    Antisquat is caused by the suspension forces in the links. Kickback is caused by the difference in chain arc to suspension motion.
    Get a bike with high antisquat, run the chain over a pivot and no kickback.

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    How much anti-squat would it take to make the bike pedal bob by extending the bike's suspension, and then having it return to sag, I wonder.

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    I actually think the video, at the bottom of the write-up, is a great visual for demonstrating pedal kickback.

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    anti-squat and pedal kick back? I have only rode on GT bikes for the last 10 years so I don't know what those terms mean. I was with a riding buddy and he asked about locking the front fork when climbing and I said give my bike a try.

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