I am currently in the process of building myself an electric bike, intended to be used mostly on the road. Because it will go quite fast, and will be reasonably heavy due to the battery and rear wheel motor, suspension forks are a must.

I am building using an on one inbred frame, motor rear wheel (26") and sourcing the rest of the parts. Currently I am looking to buy some suspension forks, and as I really don't want to spend more than 160 or so it appears I have a choice between choosing old good quality forks, or newer lower range ones. Specifically I am looking at the moment between RockShox SID World Cup (probably 2008) forks, used but in decent condition, or SR Suntour Epixon XC (2017 / 2018) new. Both will probably sell for between 140 and 165.

At the moment my guess would be that the RockShox would be better, even though they are older and not new, but I was wondering whether the newer technology would best them even in lower range forks?

Let me know your thoughts. Many thanks!