I have a Rock Shox Reba RL on a bike I bought that has bushing wear on the stanchions. I want to replace the steer tube assembly. The part number for the Reba steer tube assembly is 11.4018.008.263. It is a newer version that has the black stanchions, and will not be available for a few months. I found a steer tube assembly for a Revelation (part number 11.4018.008.159) that has the gold stanchions (and it is on sale). Anyone know if there might be some compatibility between the Revelation assembly and my Reba? They are both for the Solo Air, so that is not the issue. If they aren't compatible, what is the measurement that makes them not compatible?

I have done lots of mixing and matching things in my years as a mechanic that have worked out well, but haven't tried this one.