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    Shock valving for DW link?

    A friend has a 2005 IH Azure and needs a new rear shock as her RockShox Ario is shot as of yesterday. RS doesn't make a rebuild for it anymore, so she's looking for a Fox to replace it with. I know that the IH Sunday needed a specially valved rear shock (even though one is a coil over and the other one is air). If she buys a Float from Fox, is there some special valving to it or will any Float do? Thanks in advance, Fahn
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    My Ibis DW Link is Low Tune....You also need to know the leverage of the suspension as well.

    If in doubt get a Medium Tune. Or a new CTD? I don't think they have tuning as you do it from the adjuster?

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    I was wrong CTD does have tune........

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    You want the low compression tune and the medium rebound tune.

    The rebound tune should be more or less coupled with the weight of the rider. The rebound adjustment on most rear shocks is way more than any one person would need, allowing you get it right for a given rider weight/spring. If you run 275 in your air shock (for example), it would be better for you to have the high rebound tune so you can use less clicks from open. Thicker shims in the rebound circuit is better than more spring tension on lighter shims.

    The Float I worked on yesterday for a guy is pegged at 275 because the bike is spec'd with a high volume rear shock, he's a big guy and he complains it is too active. Not only would he benefit from a standard or even low-volume shock, he would benefit from a high rebound tune. He can barely get the rebound slowed down at max adjustment.

    The compression is tied in to the kinematics of the frame. Any bike with suspension designed to remove rider input (DW, for example) feel harsh with anything but a low compression tune. On a more active bike (FSR), medium compression is standard fare.

    Riders from 100-140 lbs would also do well with a high-volume air can. This would allow the spring curve to calm down and make it easier to get into the travel. Low volume ramps up too fast and is good for high-leverage bikes.

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    dw links are not all the same. The early dw linked iron horses had much less anti-squat than the latter versions seen in the Pivots and even turners. That is why they rode well even with SPV valved manitou shocks.

    I would contact someone like suspension experts or even PUSH to see what they recommend.
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