Shock recommendations for an Intense Carbine 29 carbon-
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    Shock recommendations for an Intense Carbine 29 carbon

    Little bit of a long story; My wife bought an Intense Carbine 275 with a Cane Creek DB Inline. A year later I bought a Carbine 29 carbon and swapped the shocks. The inline proceeded to self destruct multiple times and, after 3 or so attempts, Dirtlabs got it working long term and swapped parts to make it the DBAir IL.

    A couple months back we were driving some pretty rugged dirt roads and my bike rack failed and my wifes bike fell off and the Monarch shock was damaged. At first I thought it was just the air valve, but it looks as if its been weeping oil and lost the damper too.

    Im thinking i might just put the DBAir IL on her bike and buy myself a new shock. Looking at Float X2, another DBAir IL, DBAir CS. Any other recommendations?

    I ride all sorts of stuff with this bike. I always climb except for the rare car shuttle. Iíll occasionally hit the bike park/downhill trails at the local resort.


    My wifes shock died. Gunna give her my DBAir IL and get something new for my Carbine 29.

    -Float X2
    -DBAir CS
    -DBAir IL
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    All of those will work well. I had a Float X2 on mine at the beginning and it was fine. The only issue is you may find the suspension wallows a little bit in the middle of the stroke. I had also read a long time ago the air can to the DBAir (the one with the reservoir) is so physically big that it may hit the frame during full compression.
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    Something with a large negative chamber would work best in a Carbine, so my picks would be the float X2 then DBIL.

    DBair is a good shock but it might lack in sensitivity and/or support compared to the other 2
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