Shock advise? air vs coil spring?-
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    Shock advise? air vs coil spring?


    Maybe this is not the right forum, but I have been visiting this forum for a while and....

    I'm building a trekking bike, mainly for the city... And I'm considering what fork to put.

    1) Completely Rigid one. Still have to think which.

    2) Air suspension. Exactly the Suntour NCX-E RL. 210

    3) Spring coil suspension. Exactly the Suntour NCX-D LO. 110

    I know the option 2 (air) is the best bet, also it has remote lock-out (which it can be very handy for the city I think). But, I'm a bit afraid of the maintenance and possible issues in the future.

    How better is the feeling in the NCX-E compared to the NCX-D?


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    I'd go with option 1 personally

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    For a city or treking bike, IMO you'd be a fool to install any suspension fork, even a good one, which the suntours you've selected are not. I can think of a situation I'd prefer either of those to a rigid.

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    City Riding = air or no suspension.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zachariah View Post
    City Riding = air or no suspension.
    Yes, I think... my options are now Rigid, or Air, the other one is discarded.....

    That NCX-E weights 1.7kg.... and a rigid one will be roughly (for less than 150), about 700gr.... so the difference is 1kg.... I wonder how much that would feel like, when accelerating....

    And maintenance? is there any real experience with these Suntour? do they use to break very often? obviously I would have to refill oil once every 2 years or whatever, but that is no-brainer....

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