• 01-09-2014
    RWC needle bearings vs TFtuned low-friction bushings vs Fox Polymer Bushings
    Howdy MTBR forums!

    The shock bushings on my Prophet are not long for this world, and I figure if I'm going to replace, I might as well get something a bit less bad than the standard DU bushings. The RWC Needle Bearing kit looks really good, but after adding in the cost of the tools needed to install them...are looking pretty pricey as well. Then I saw the TFtuned bushings and the Fox polymer bushings, which are FAR less expensive, and don't look like they'll require another $40 of tools. But, I haven't found much feedback on how they compare to the more expensive needle bearing kits.

    Does anyone have any user-end comparisons between the systems?
    Shock is a float R by the way.
  • 01-10-2014
    The needle bearings from RWC are the way to go , I machine up all my tools for everything I need but for that simple job you can just use two sockets and a vise to remove your DU bushing and install the bearing , its real simple and takes about 2 minuets .

    I also machine up and make shock and suspension bushings that work very well, and I have used the new polymer bushings from FOX and I find the RWC needle bearings to be the best option if you want zero stiction and you do not want to replace them again ever :D
  • 01-10-2014
    Fix the Spade
    On a Prophet, needle bearings.

    I had a set on mine and they worked nicely, they were still fine when I snapped the frame. On a normal 200x50 shock they won't make a huge difference, if you're running a 57 or 63 shock they'll be more noticeable since the range of motion goes up.