RST Omni 191 Lubrication Question-
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    New question here. RST Omni 191 Lubrication Question

    Hello, this is my first post on the forums. I've searched around Google for the type of lubrication I should be using on my RST Omni 191 (Don't judge, it came on my Haro v1 that I got for $120) I'm looking for a lubrication that's common and cheap for this suspension fork. I don't want to spend much money on this bottom of the line suspension. Laying around I have white lithium grease, gear oil (80w90), and motor oil (not sure if it's synthetic or not, doesn't say). I'm planning on running this fork into the ground and buying a RockShox XC 28, for about the same price I got the whole bike for. So far I've just lifted up the rubber ring around the stanchions and used a straw to push down white lithium grease, which helped for a while but after compressing the grease was leaving white rings around the stanchions and quickly stopped lubricating. I've also done the same thing with the gear oil, which also helped for a while but it seems to be just too light for the job. I know i'm probably mistreating this fork but I'm going to be very careful to do things right with the RockShox fork. Any information is helpful! Thank you for reading this long post.

    EDIT: Got the fork performing much better than before. Steps I followed:
    1: Removed rim brakes from fork
    2: Removed bolts on bottom of fork and pulled off the fork outer shell
    3: Cleaned everything visible with simple green
    4: Used white lithium grease on everything visible (Except stanchions)
    5: Reassemble fork
    6: Lift rubber dust cover rings, use very small amount of 80w90 gear oil inside, wipe off excess
    7: Re-insert rubber dust cover rings, use very light liquidy oil on stanchions, wipe off excess
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