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    RP23 New Seals not holding Air, Cost of Air Sleeve ??

    So late last summer I let out the air of my shock in anticipation of changing the long over due seals. I rode down the street very gingerly on the bike with the air very low to empty.
    Didn't get around to replacing the seals till now. After not holding air with new seals took shock back apart. Notice a nick 1.5 inch below seals in air sleeve. Was thinking this is below the seal so wouldn't affect leaking air.

    But maybe it does. Any one know about how much a new RP23 air sleeve would cost. I'm thinking of splurging and having Push do the work.


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    Call Push and ask, they get parts at cost. They likely would not do any work without replacing a scratched sleve anyway. If you are losing air while the bike is sitting the scratch is not the culprit.
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    I think I paid $115 for an EVOL can from Fox awhile ago. I am certain the RP23 can would not cost any more than that. The aircan came with new seals. I would get the EVOL can if I were you. You just have to run a lot more air pressure, but the ride was so much better compared to stock.

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    Since It's leaking while just sitting, I guess I've missed something. I guess time to get a 2nd opinion from a shop. Thanks for the info on the EVOL. I'll have to see how that compare to just getting a whole new assembly.

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    I usually order those to Probikeshop and they cost around 20 for Spain. The work of air basic service is not very difficult for anyone.

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    You can Call FOX. You need Nitrogen charge on that RP23 each year. Air sleeve service is included for free.

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