Rockshox Super Deluxe Select + Question-
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    Rockshox Super Deluxe Select + Question

    This shock has a rebound adjustment ring at the top of the shock can. There are two little set screws at 180 degrees on that ring. Do those have to be backed out in order to set the rebound speed? I ask because I don't want to score anything by not loosening them or undo anything by loosening them. It surprised me that I couldn't find any schematic or user guide that addressed the use of those screws. Thanks. Oh, and the other problem if I do loosen them and then set the ring to certain clicks, I can't retighten one of the screws because the frame is in the way.

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    Should just be able to turn it. Thats all I did on mine...

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    the knob should have some fairly firm detents/clicks which hold it in place once turned... no lock screws necessary.

    do not release the grub screws... the knob shaft might come out of the hole. you might even lose ifp pressure and require a full rebuild, depending on which part comes out of the assembly.

    it should just turn, unless someone turned it all the way and jammed it... in which case it will require a bit of force, provided you know which way to turn. i would release all the air and compress it, to make it obvious if its jammed all the way open or all the way closed. if its closed it will almost stay bottomed out, barely moving back.

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    Thanks for the warning and depiction of how it should work normally. It's weird. Sometimes it will release and turn, but most times it acts like it is locked down. I have ridden the bike 4-5 times and the shock works fine.

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