RockShox Sektor Gold RL 150 v.s. Rockshox Pike RC 150-
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    New question here. RockShox Sektor Gold RL 150 v.s. Rockshox Pike RC 150

    Can anyone with experience tell me just how much better the Pike is than the Gold? Would it be worth paying $500 more to have a Pike vs. the Gold? I am basically really looking into getting a Santa Cruz Heckler and am torn between the D and R variants. I really don't wanna go over $3,000 but from what I've read the Pike seems to be worth going over.

    Here is the link to the heckler. You can look at the differences between the D and R variants.

    Santa Cruz Heckler

    Thank you in advance!
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    There are places where you can cut costs on a new bike, but suspension is definitely a component where you get what you pay for, and where the average rider can notice a difference between pricepoints. I would advise getting the best suspension you can afford. It's much cheaper than buying the cheaper option and deciding to upgrade later. Additionally, the R model has better drivetrain and much better brakes.
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    I agree with Bro, cutting cost on the fork is not the best idea.

    I will be buying a TBLTc soon and the bottom line is I want the Pike. I demo'ed the Sektor Gold on a TBLT and it did not feel as competent as the older Revelation on my Trance. Stiffer, not as responsive? On the other hand, when I demo'ed a Pike, it felt much smoother and more stable. For me, it is worth the more expensive kit.

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    Alright Thanks guys. I'll definitely be saving up the extra cash then

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