Hello All,
I have a 2017 Specialized camber carbon comp that came with a revelation RL 27.5 . I was told by the bike shop that there are problems with the lockout feature. It seems to work fully open but not other wise. I am a bit bummed about this, since I have ~ 900 miles on the bike.

I was wondering if I can upgrade the damper? I somehow can't find information on which year or generation my fork is. On the SRAM service website I see info about a revelation RC but not the RL.

Does anyone know if I can upgrade the damper? And what would be my choices? I see a charger upgrade kit, but concerned about compatibility.

I am finding all the model variants for the fork very confusing. Any help is appreciated

Also is the damper upgrade a job thats reasonable to handle?

Apologies if I come across as a noob, I am.