• 09-12-2005
    Rebound damper that adapts to compression speed?
    When I was riding yesterday, I tried to set up my fork's rebound damper so that the fork would not pack up and get stiff at the fastest, rocky descents.

    When I decreased rebound damping, I think the fork indeed "stayed up" better at those descents and gave me a more comfortable ride there.

    However, with less rebound damping the fork was less smooth at every lower-speed or smoother section - and they are common where I ride.

    It seems to me that I would like a rebound damper that adapts the damping to the speed at which the fork was compressed. The logic would be that if the fork was compressed fastly, it would also need to extend fastly. And if it was compressed slowly, it can extend slowly. But I have never heard of rebound dampers that depend on compression speed - only on rebound speed.

    Are there any such rebound dampers, or do you all compromise either low-speed comfort or high-speed comfort with your rebound adjusters?

    This question applies just as well to rear suspension shocks as to forks.