Very new to both riding and this site. Last time I owned a bike suspension was only for the rich and famous and disc brakes were only found on the front wheels of expensive cars...

So I've recently picked up a second hand Jamis Dakar 2002 which has a 400lb coil on a FOX vanilla rear shock, it has no lockout and my ride to the trail is via road. The 400 really isn't stiff enough for my weight... so I figured instead of a coil upgrade why not a second hand lockable shock.

Which brought me to a second hand FOX Float RL Rear Shock that I can pickup locally, not sure what year model it is though.

The reviews are very mixed on this shock, seems like it if has no problems it will be really good, else throw it out... Willing to take the gamble though as the budget is very tight.


  1. Will the Float RL suit the Jamis Dakar 2002? 165mm eye to eye appears to be the correct length.
  2. What is a negative spring, does this imply a pull suspension and thus not suited to the Jamis Dakar 2002 frame?

Perhaps I need to understand how rear shocks work, and the differences between the various types, anyone know of a good online tutorial??

Any help greatly appreciated.