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    Putting a 100mm fork on a 80 mm frame?

    I have a Fox F100X that I would like to put on a Trek OCLV 110 carbon frame that is designed for a 80mm fork. Has anyone tried this? What will it do to the geometry? Any idea what the headtube angle might be?


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    all that will happen is that you will get a more slacker head tube angle which results in a more stable down hill, you wheel being put farther infront of your bike so you wont endo as easily, and you will get a much smoother down hill with the extra travel. I say do it. I when from a sid on my nrs air to a 100 mil fox float and definatley better for it. The only down side will a small loss in maneuverability at slower speeds. Now i wouldnt put a 130 mil on their cause that is just rediculous, i tried a marathon sl on my bike as well and didnt like it one bit, it felt super slopy, but that is also just due to the larger amount of travel. The best i think is a 80 mi- 100mil adjustable fork. That way you drop it to 80 on the way up when you are going slower and get the maneuverablity then raise it up to 100 on the down hill and whalla. Peace.l

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