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    PUSH Dissatisfaction

    I had my 2006 Float RL fork pushed at the end of May. I've since put about 240 miles on it. Initially it performed beautifully, g-out at the the bottom of steeps was great, low speed compression was awesome, bob reduced significantly. I was a happy camper.

    Now, however, compression seems rough. Gone are the days of my buttery smooth fork. Coarse performance is still okay. But it really is noticably worse when going over chattery rocks at 10+ mph. I've left it upside down overnight to lubricate the seals a number of times. I've also tried lubing the stanchions with a teflon based lube. It doesn't seem to smooth it out any. When comparing to my friends unpushed Talas 06, my fork is clearly not as smooth.

    I have reduced PSI to compensate for slight weight loss. Only a 5psi change, though. Does PUSH expect you to keep it at their pressure; does changing pressure effect a PUSHed shock? This is the only aspect of my fork that I have changed since having it pushed.

    I have roughly a month of PUSH's limited warranty time remaining, and am conflicted as what to do. I am reluctant to wait another month this summer waiting for PUSH to warranty, as I am a student and this is my prime riding time. Does anyone have suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by half_man_half_scab
    Does anyone have suggestions?

    Ummm... Call Push?

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    I am not sure how to fix it.. but have you talked to them about it? they seem to have great CS.

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    Nobody is perfect...if they were they wouldn't need to offer warranties.

    Call PUSH and let them know the problem...maybe they can expedite the process...if not, Beg, borrow, or steal (ok, maybe not steal) a fork to run while your Float is getting serviced.

    Good Luck...even the best sometimes make mistakes...its how they handle it that differentiates the good from the bad.

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    And PUSH has a 90 day free one-time re-valve deal along with their warranty if you're not satisfied with the results. I just got my Fox RC rear shock back for that re-valve, as it had a touch too much rebound damping. These folks are both good and easy to deal with.

    A month?...I sent in my rear shock, and the whole process from sending it in and receiving it back was 2-weeks or less...and this during what is probably their busiest time.

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