Opened a Re:Aktiv Thrushaft, did I eff it up?:O-
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    Opened a Re:Aktiv Thrushaft, did I eff it up?:O

    So I have a Trek Remedy 9.8, 2018 model. It comes with a modified Rock Shox Super Deluxe; "Re:Aktiv Thrushaft" where they have this thing called a "thrushaft". Generally speaking, it's supposed to be the same process to put in tokens as any other Rock Shox rear shock(atleast of the deluxe type). Its quite hard to find good material regarding service and token installation of this particular shock model, which resulted in me just giving it a try... I did however find the documentaion at Sram's website:

    Let me also just inform, that this was the first time I ever opened a shock(I did watch plenty of YouTube videos of similar models, and it seemed quite doable). Here is a video of a similar shock model:

    I did one very stupid thing though... I removed the thrushaft bolt(it can unscewed from the outside, accesible from the bottom, with a hex driver). The result was alot of oil leaking, and this might have done something to upset the pressure of the negative airchamber. I screwed the thrushaft back on, and twisted the top part of the shock, upressurerized as instructed by the documentation. I fitted in the maximum amount of tokens, i tried with a Gnar Dog 2.5 aswell, to get 0.5 tokens extra, but of course, since this is a modified shock, it did not fit...

    I filled up a tiny bit of rear shock oil, put the shock back together, and filled it up to 220 psi(in one go). I am a heavy rider 225lbs equipped(which is why i want to max out the amount of tokens, and pressure). One thing i noted, was that when i put weight on the bike, the shock made a "leaking sound", like air was escaping at the moment i put force on it. I took the shock off my bike, put it in water to inspect if there where any airbubbles, in which, there were'nt.

    I put the shock back on my bike and thought I just should try a ride, and Holy shieet, have i never been on a worse ride ever!xD. The bike was bouncing up and down like crazy, having no support. Changing the lever postion of the compression settings from: "open" - "pedal" - "locked", they all just felt identical. The interesting part is that the shock holds its pressure at about 210-220 psi, and is actually kind of hard to bottom out. So it seems like the top portion of the shocks travel is all whack, and its where it bounces/has no support.

    One observation was that if I shake the shock it makes rattling noises(other Trek owners have been complaining about this before, and I'm not certain if it did that prior to opening the shock). Sounds like something is loose inside the shock, like spacers going up and down making "clinging" noises, so quite audible.
    The shock also has a small chamber "piggyback?" which has a schraeder valve. I honestly don't know how this chamer should be tuned, if touched. Does anyone know if that could be the culprit? Otherwise it migt be some nitrite levels gone bad? Im not going to pretend i know what the latter parts means, as I don't!

    I think the bottomline is that i should bring this to someone professional, or do anyone think there is something else i could try? Been without my bike 3 weeks, also for various other reasons: Stubborn new tubeless setup, new dropperpost and now completely broken suspension, and getting impatient as I would like to ride the darn thing!

    Thx for any help/input!

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    You will have lost damping oil and dislodge the rebound check valve when you unscrewed the dummy shaft. So at this stage I would take it too a professional
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