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    Oil level question

    Anyone know the amount of oil to put into an old Judy T2 fork?

    I took mine apart last night to clean it and change the fluid, there was none, and I figured I'd put 120ml in each side of 15W oil. I'm 255#s so I wanted a heavier weight oil in there to stiffen it up.

    Just wondering and thanks

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    The Judy T2 used no oil, only grease. The sliders and bushing use a light grease, such as Judy Butter or Slick Honey.

    Very sticky clear grease (stickier, thicker, than car axle grease) was packed around the elastomer springs to add damping, without using a damper cartridge which were used in the higher end Judys. Putting oil in the lowers would work it's way up to the elastomers and dilute the sticky grease and reduce the damping effect making it more bouncy..

    Judy bushings are very soft and need grease rather than oil for any kind of durability. My well maintained Judys back in the '90's were good for about one year before new bushings were required. The sloppy, rapid wearing bushings would allow side load and wear the damper cartridges and they would blow out their oil in six months.

    I did pick up an unused swap mart T2 in the late 90's that I replaced the innards with Englund Air suspension, which was insufficient for me, a 190 to 200 lb rider. Then I went to the heavier but far more durable and stiffer Marzocchi Bomber forks.

    A T2 or any Judy is not worth putting any money into if you ride very much. The lowest end forks from the major brands these days are much better.

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    No oil at all makes sense why there wasn't any in there. But there wasn't any grease in there at all either. The oil has made it ride better but very stiff, and since I can't find a manual for it I have no idea if I even assembled it correctly or not.

    The fork is going away soon with a 02 Duke I'm going to rebuild, and luckily have a manual for. But I don't want to put any money into this bike since it'll be replaced shortly with a new bike for around $1000 (New RH or Cannondale) so I'm trying to make the best of what I can for the season and not spend any money. Right now I've got about $70 into the Duke and that'll be new o-rings, oil seals, and the fork itself with a steerer long enough for my frame.

    That being said, would it serve me better to just leave the oil in the fork like it is and ride it until the Duke gets here, maybe a week, or go out and get some grease and pack it tight with that?

    It seems to be fairly stiff which is great for my fat ass at 255 but it makes a clanking noise when I go over big drops.

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