• 07-11-2006
    Newbie --Marzocchi Drop-Off 4 questions
    Hello All. I am yes a newbie. I would like to know the differeance in the left side and right side of the drop off's. One side is preload and the other is load?? what does this mean??can someone break it down for a newbie?? also how do you ajust rebound for them?? ALso what PSI do you guys ride for all mountain??

  • 07-11-2006
    the preload side is to apply extra presure on the spring in that side, the other side is just air, i am not to sure what adjusting each does but i, have no spring preload, and very little to no air load just to get some sort of sag in mine, but i am around 70 kgs,(160 lbs i think)

    rebound adjustmen in these forks are a pain, to get them adjusted take it to your lbs and theywill adjust it using a .5 of metre 12m thick brass rod shaped like an allen key to adjust it for you