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    Mx Comp or Skareb?

    Was wondering if anyone had any experiece with either of the Marzocchi Mx Comp(105 w/ ETA), or the Manitou Skareb Super. I'm looking to upgrade my fork for general XC use. Found both of these on closeout, very close in price. Any advice is welcome and appreciated.
    Thanks a lot.

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    What are you using it for?

    There are reviews on both at

    It would help if you provided your riding style, what type of bike you ride, and how much you weigh.

    Generally speaking, the MX Comp will be stiffer, plusher, easier to maintain, heavier, and more reliable (in my experience). ETA is nice for fireroad climbs.

    The Skareb will be lighter, has better damping, more tunable, and better for lighter riders or racing.

    The Marzocchi fork will have a greater axle-to-crown height as well which might mess with your handling if you have an older bike or something designed around an 80mm fork.
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    i have an mx comp. Love that ETA thing! The fork overall good. Lacks a little on fast riding small bump stuff but what else is new in a air fork in this price range. Overall I am very happy with it. Know nothing about the Skareb

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    i have an 05 skareb super, 80mm, non-remote lockout. "plush" i guess compared to a friend's fsx judy with total air carts and compared to the original manitou pro (elastomer fork) that came on the bike.

    the compression/lock out knob on top of the fork leg is a bit loose in adjustment. gets knocked around pretty easy. makes it easy to reach down and flip to locked out mode, but doesnt stay very well in one compression setting over another; shrubs and brush tend to hit it out of adjustment rather than vibrating out.

    you can get them with the remote for cheap, might address the issue.

    they make a kind of farting sound on occassion, more when you first get them and ride, less as time goes by. could be an issue with breaking in the fork.

    my v-brakes squeal on the occassion, could be a fork flex issue, could be crud/moisture on the rim. braking action is still good overall.

    the lighter weight, low price, assumed acceptable suspension performance were the main considerations when i made the purchase. only regret is that i picked up an old, used sid for $50 which is going on my new main bike, i need a longer travel fork for a springer that i picked up and my current bike with the skareb is either going to hawk, going single speed, going roadie. none of which require the skareb.

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    I guess it depends if your priority is light weight or stiffness. My last fork was a 100mm Skareb Super, which I ran on a Klein Adept. I was impressed with its stroke, adjustability and relative stiffness for such a light fork. Then I built up a Giant VT and suddenly the Skareb felt very noodly, even on the same trails.

    It's been replaced with an MX 120, and its a much better match for the bike.

    In sum, both are nice forks -- personally, I like the ETA better than the Manitou lockout.

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