MRP Loop SL vs. X Fusion Slide 29 vs. Rockshox Reba-
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    MRP Loop SL vs. X Fusion Slide 29 vs. Rockshox Reba

    I am looking for a new fork for a custom, fillet brazed 29er I have. The catch is the frame uses a 1 1/8" straight steerer, and I would like to stay with the thru axle currently being used. At this time I am not interested in replacing the frame, so let's please stick to discussing the fork options.

    I have found three choices as listed in the title. The Reba would be a custom built fork, but the parts are available for a semi-reasonable price to consider that route. Does anyone know of other options?

    Can anyone give some insight to how the MRP and X Fusion compare to the Reba? or to each other?

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    I have a painful amount of experience with the reba (mine is retired), own a roughcut sweep, and have ridden a slide rl2 a bunch of times. Can't speak to the loop. (t's been a while since i've used these forks and i'm going off memory)

    I far prefer the slide to the reba. The chassis are similar, air spring is similar, they're both easy to service, and the xfusion damper is dramatically better. It's tuned to be quite firm, but a good bump will use travel very easily- very comfortable and controlled on moderately rough trails, but it can get overwhelmed by big impacts and some other circumstances. The reba always feels kinda wooden, and there's only one setting where the fork works fairly well- full open compression and slightly too fast rebound. The reba struggles with braking bumps and is prone to spiking.

    On both forks the lockout is nasty-stiff, so the reba's ability to have it 'mostly locked out' is nice, assuming you use the feature.

    The roughcut sweep is the best performing fork i've ever used. It's a bit flexy on my big bike, but the fork is so well-mannered i don't care at all.
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    X-Fusion Slide fan here
    I have one on my hardtail and just build my squish with one. It's a great set and forget fork. I can't even remember the last time I had to set my sag on my hardtail... everytime I check it, it is still right were I set it.. AWESOME!! Allways works never fails.. I hope my new one is the same... time will tell!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails MRP Loop SL vs. X Fusion Slide 29 vs. Rockshox Reba-19_sc_talboy1.jpg  

    MRP Loop SL vs. X Fusion Slide 29 vs. Rockshox Reba-img_1044.jpg  

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    No experience with the Loop but have run both a Reba (2010ish 9mm model) and X-Fusion Slide on my 08 Turner Sultan with a straight 1-1/8" head tube. Of those two I'd say the Slide is head and shoulders above the Reba in every aspect. The Slide has better ride quality, damping performance, stiffness, you name it....

    I actually purchased my Slide for the exact same reason you are looking into them. I wanted a 120mm, 15mm thru-axle fork with a straight 1-1/8" steerer tube. I got mine from Worldwide Cyclery and used a 20% off coupon. Got it for less than $300. I can't tell you how pleased I am with it and I honestly probably still say that if I had paid twice what I paid for it.

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    Slide 29...

    Another vote for the X-Fusion Slide 29 RL2. It performs on-par with my older Rockshox Pike RCT3, in 120mm mode... and about the same weight too. Such a nice fork. Too bad it was only produced for one year:
    MRP Loop SL vs. X Fusion Slide 29 vs. Rockshox Reba-seven_verve13.jpg
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