Monarch Debonair Plus R vs Debonair RT-
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    Monarch Debonair Plus R vs Debonair RT

    [x-post form RM]

    I went through several threads, but I haven't found straight answer...

    Guys, my wife has got Monarch Debonair RT on her Reign 2 LTD. Little blue lever is nice feature on uphills.
    I am going to have Debonair Plus R on 2016 Reign. Shall I be jealous? Does lack of "sort-of-lock-out" make a big difference?

    Thx for answers

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    Maestro is pretty damn efficient, but you might still find the Reign a bit mushy if you're a "stomper".

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    The damper in these two shocks are very different performance wise. Yes, the RT has compression adjustment but the downfall is that the rebound is pure port orifice, no shims. The Monarch R is better shock, atmo. I'd take it over any Fox Float.

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    Hi KTM520,
    I was curious where you got the information on the Monarch RT and port orifice rather than shim on rebound? I ask since I have 2 different bikes, both with 2014 Monarchs and similar travel, one has an RT the other an RT3, both with Rapid Recovery rebound. They both feel very similar on the trail, responsive and do not appear to pack down on successive hits (like my wife's older port orifice RS Bar). The spec on RS website look the same for rebound and in my past experience, they all used similar internals. If you happen to have photos, that would be even better. Thank for any information!

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    I have some pictures of a '13 XX piston somewhere, which has plate type lockout (similar to Fox RPL, Triad, and CTD Evo) with no reb shims. The RT models from 11-13 used to be the same as the RT3 but with a different adjuster knob/cam, 11 positions versus the RT3 with 3 positions. For 14+, they updated the XX slightly (still plate type lockout) and changed the RL and RT to the same piston design as the XX.

    Rapid Recovery is just marketing bs. RS has been using digressive rebound damping curves (preloaded stacks) in the Monarch since '11. I don't understand it and it's the first thing I revalve.

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    As to how I know, a little detective work in the spc catalog shows that the piston tunes for the 14 XX/RL/RT are all the same. This proves that the RT uses the same design as the XX, which does not have a shimmed reb circuit. You can see this in the service manual if you know what to look for. I have yet to actually open up a 14+ RT/RL. Only difference between RL and RT is the tune of the lockout, with the RL being much firmer, again based on the spc.

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