I've got the 100mm version of this fork.

I can find an IRT setup guide here, and a stock (IVA) guide here.

Those are helpful, but neither specifically cover max pressure for the 100mm travel version.

Basically, it's a fatbike that I use for off-piste bikepacking adventures. Like this one.

What I want is to keep it standing as tall as possible in the travel, and to stay supple on small stuff, but I want it as much mid-stroke and bottom out support as possible. The way/places I ride this bike I just need the small bump to be supple. Mid and end stroke are more or less irrelevant.

So I want to run the main spring at a reasonable pressure, and more or less max out the IRT. But I can't find a max pressure listed for the IRT chamber, for a 100mm fork.

Anyone know the answer, definitively?

Well aware of how to tune the damping to achieve what I need to, but I need the spring pressures to be in the ballpark first.

Thanks for any help.