• 07-15-2006
    Leaky shock...Please Help!
    I know this may be a stupid question..but why is my shock leaking? My Cane Creek AD-12 id newly rebuilt and it is loosing 30-40 psi overnight. It wasn't leaking right after I rebuilt it with all new seals (3 months ago). Is this happening to anyone else? An what are you doing about it?
    thanks in advance
  • 07-16-2006
    You might have nicked a seal or didn't clean the area well enough during the re-build. Also check that everything is good and snug
    A quick way of finding the problem - add more psi and throw it in your sink and watch for bubbles
  • 07-16-2006
    problem solved, one of the seals was out of grease and was leaking air through the compression and rebound adjusters