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    KS Remote Dropper - Lever won't return

    Bought a used KS Dropper and it seems to be in great shape. The actual dropper post functions perfectly, just the remote lever doesn't seem to want to spring back into the "home" position. I tried lubing it, it is a brand new cable and housing, but nothing has worked so far. The problem is when I bump the seat down, it spring right back up because the lever doesn't spring back in time. Any ideas??

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    Loosen the bolt on the remote lever a bit. It is a fine line between having it tight enough that it does not slip on the handlebar but not too tight so that it jams the lever. The only other problem I have encountered is that you can't have any tight bends in the cable housing or zip ties that are really tight. Hope this helps.

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    With the cable disconnected from the post actuator, does the remote move freely?
    Have you tried leaving a bit of slack in the cable?

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